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Montenegrin Prince-bishop
Petar I Petrovic Njegos

"Show that in our chests
beats the immortal Serb
heart and Serb blood bubbles"

Montenegrin Duke
Marko Miljanov Popovic

"Tell the Austrian
representative to
tell his Emperor,
if God would turn him
around to do good,
to let Serbdom unite: Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Montenegro,
Serbia and Old Serbia, and let
that become the Serb Kingdom"

Ethnic Identity

  • "The Montenegrins belong to the Serbian branch of the South Slav peoples ... They speak the Serbo-Croat language, using the Cyrillic alphabet. In religion the majority traditionally belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church."

    excerpt from Encyclopedia Americana, 1994 ed., s.v. "Montenegro"

  • Petrovic Njegos Dynasty

    The leaders of the struggle for the unification of all Serbs

  • Montenegrin chieftains

    "We are of the Greek Orthodox faith and law, of the Serb glorious heroism and language"

  • Education in Montenegro

    "In Montenegro live only true and pure Serbs who speak Serbian" (Montenegrin geography textbook from 1911)

  • Official Certificate of the Ministry of Interior of Princedom/Kingdom of Montenegro

  • The First Balkan War Bulgarian postcard issued in 1912

  • Knowledge of the Law, textbook published in 1914 in the Kingdom of Montenegro

    "Montenegrins are ethnic Serbs, there is no Montenegrin ethnicity... Montenegro is the Serb Kingdom and just a part of the Serb Lands"

  • Captain Krsto Zrnov Popovic (Serbdom of the Greens)

    "Montenegro is the land where the spark of Serb freedom has been kept and preserved"

  • Dr. Novica Radovic (Serbdom of the Greens)

    "Montenegro is the inheritor of the Serb Empire"

  • The Serbian origin of the Montenegrins by Petar Vlahovic

  • Ideological roots of Montenegrin nation and Montenegrin separatism by Slavenko Terzic

  • Savic Markovic Stedimlija - Ideologist of "Red Croatia"

  • A word at the meeting of Montenegrin citizens by Slavenko Terzic

  • Montenegrins and other Serbs by Djordje Tomasevic