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Bishop Vasilije's Ode to Nemanja

Bishop Vasilije The Cetinje Chronicles (Krusovulj) is a collection of manuscripts. Some manuscripts are transcriptions of documents issued in the time of last rulers of medieval Zeta, the Crnojevics, and some are transcriptions from the post-Crnojevic era. The most important manuscripts were written by Bishop Vasilije Petrovic Njegos while last inscriptions dated in 1809 were deed of Bishop Petar I Petrovic Njegos.

Krusovulj witnesses that political struggle of Montenegrins was inspired with the glory of the Nemanjics and medieval Serb Empire. The idea was more than visible in political work of Bishop Vasilije Petrovic Njegos (1750-1766). Such inspiration bore a poem dedicated to founder of the medieval Serb dynasty of the Nemanjics - Stefan Nemanja.

Translated into English by Aleksandar Rakovic. Gratitude to Dr. Srdja Trifkovic for corrections.

ODE TO NEMANJA by Bishop Vasilije Petrovic Njegos
inscription in the Cetinje Chronicles

O Simeon, the sainted Nemanja,
Father of numerous kin,
You left fine heirs
Who glorified Serbia with kingdom,
Many churches they built,
Their fatherland enlightened.
The Turks conquered your fatherland,
Many of our churches destroyed.
Holy Serb kings arise,
Say a prayer to Christ the King,
Strike down the Mohammedan faith,
Expel it from your fatherland!
Help the Christian Emperor,
Revive your fatherland!
Serb bishops, do not rest,
But pray to God all night long
The Empire of the Serbs to restore
To glorify it with justice and blessing!

Facsimile of Bishop Vasilije's Ode to Nemanja

[Source: Cetinjski ljetopis, Cetinje 1962; facsimiles of microfilmed manuscripts]