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Dr. Novica Radovic

English translation by Igor Jaramaz

Novica Radovic (1890 - 1945) was one of the leaders of the "Christmas Rebellion" in the Danilovgrad region. Following the defeat of rebellious "Green" forces Radovic left for Albania. In Italy he joined Montenegrin Army in exile whose General Headquarters' Information Department he led from 1920. Radovic returned to his motherland in 1925, moving to Belgrade he was arrested and charged for high crimes against the State. He was convicted to 20 years in prison to be served in the Kolasin jail. Later he was moved to the Zenica prison from which he was released after having served 9 years. He then entered politics as a member of the Montenegrin Federalist Party. He was executed by firing squad in 1945 by the Communist Partizans, accused of collaboration with the Italian occupiers.

In 1938, the Dukagin Press in Pec published Radovic's major work "Montenegro on the Allied Golgotha". His book dealt with the disappearance of the Montenegrin state for which he placed blame on Serbia and the Allies. The site "Serb Land of Montenegro" now brings you facsimiles of the cover page and foreword in which Radovic writes of Montenegro and her Serb patriotism, of Montenegro as the inheritor of the Serb Empire.