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16. 04. 2005.

The Miholj Assemblage (Miholjski zbor) by Vasko Kostic (in Serbian)

03. 02. 2005.

Montenegro... Its inhabitants, Orthodox Serbs, from the book by Charles Seignobos, A Political History of Europe, since 1814, H. Holt and Company, New York, 1900, pp. 663-664 (in English)

29. 01. 2005.

Montenegro and her share in Serbian national development, chapter VIII from the book by Harold W. V. Temperley, History of Serbia, Bell & Sons, London, 1917 (in English)

14. 01. 2005.

Genealogies of the Serb dynasties from Zeta and Montenegro by Jovan Markus (in Serbian)

13. 11. 2004.

Death of King Nikola Belgrade daily Politika from 4 March 1921 quotes London daily The Times regarding life of former Montenegrin King Nikola Petrovic. The Times wrote that King Nikola worked entire life on creation of Greater Serbia but lost from Serbian dynasty of the Karadjordjevics who created Yugoslavia. (full text and picture in Serbian)

20. 10. 2004.

The Serb Elementary Reading Book issued in 1836 in Montenegrin capital Cetinje for education of Montenegrin children (facsimiles)

10. 10. 2004.

The Serb Empire and Montenegro's pretension on its heritage (in English)

07. 10. 2004.

Collection of 150 facsimiles of documents mostly issued in Princedom and Kingdom of Montenegro, edited by historian Predrag Vukic in the book "Serbdom in Montenegro" (in Serbian). Documents witness that the Serb ethnicity was the only ethnicity in that period of Montenegrin history among indigenous population of Montenegro

03. 09. 2004.

The Mountain Wreath with definitions and dictionary (in Serbian), first electronic edition by Ex Libris available for download on; software, exe file, 1.35 MB

11. 08. 2004.

Oh Heroic Bright Dawn, authentic version from 1863 (in Serbian)

11. 07. 2004.

Red flags replace red-blue-white flags, historical overview 1917-1941-2004 (in Serbian)

26. 05. 2004.

Downfall of Scutari as it was shown in La Domenica del Corriere in May 1913

25. 05. 2004.

Official Certificate of the Ministry of Interior of Princedom/Kingdom of Montenegro

24. 05. 2004.

Through history population of Boka Kotorska was divided by religion and ethnicity on Orthodox Serbs and Roman Catholic Croats. Serbs were and today are predominant population of that Adriatic gulf which joined Montenegro in 1945. In section dedicated to heritage of Boka Kotorska Serbs we added traditional attire. Articles are available in English and Serbian.

15. 05. 2004.

Montenegrin royal postcard from 1902 which symbolized pretension of the Petrovic Njegos dynasty to the throne of Serbia (postcard is on the main English index page)

25. 03. 2004.

Knowledge of the Law, textbook published in 1914 in the Kingdom of Montenegro, "Montenegrins are ethnic Serbs and a Montenegrin ethnicity does not exist... Montenegro is the Serb Kingdom and just a part of the Serb Lands" (detailed English translation with facsimiles in Serbian)

13. 03. 2004.

Three historical sources on Serbdom of Montenegro from 1520 to 1648 taken from the book of Vasa Djeric, On the Serbian Name in the Western Lands of our People!, Belgrade 1900 (in Serbian)

24. 02. 2004.

Added exclusive pictures of luxury copies of the album dedicated to 50th anniversary of Prince (King) Nikola's Coronation. Electrionic edition is available from 2002 on in Serbian with 34 pictures of The Royal House members. The album was published in Cetinje, 1910

23. 02. 2004.

The Serbs and Serbia, Vojvodina, and Montenegro, from 1990 draft "Yugoslavia: A Country Study" by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress (in English)

22. 02. 2004.

Invitation to wedding of Princess Zorka Petrovic Njegos and Prince Petar Karadjordjevic from 1883 added in article Family of King Nikola Petrovic Njegos (in English, also available in Serbian).

21. 02. 2004.

Savic Markovic Stedimlija - Ideologist of "Red Croatia" (in English, facsimiles in Serbian and Croatian).

19. 02. 2004.

Official census' data on ethnicity in Montenegro from 1909 to 2003 (in English and Serbian)

17. 02. 2004.

Law on the Proclamation of the Kingdom of Montenegro from 15 August 1910 (facsimile). Manifesto translated in English by British Foreign Office and facsimile of Manifesto are available on several years.

16. 02. 2004.

The First Balkan War Bulgarian postcard issued in 1912 (with explanation in English)

13. 02. 2004.

Government of Montenegro in Exile: Serbian Orthodox Church is united, right on Serb Patriarchal Throne belongs to Montenegro (1920) (with facsimile, text in English) added in Who Were The Greens Special. Full text available in Serbian

11. 02. 2004.

Special dedicated to the Greens and their Serbdom - Who Were The Greens (in English, soon in Serbian).

10. 02. 2004. (yesterday's news updated with English translation)

In next period will post the articles on Serbdom of the "Greens", supporters of dethroned King Nikola Petrovic Njegos and followers of idea of federative state of Serbia & Montenegro and not of incorporation of Montenegro into Serbia as it happened in 1918. Thus they organized unsuccessful Christmas Uprising in 1919.

Here is the story about one of the leaders of Christmas Uprising Dr Novica Radovic with facsimiles from his book "Montenegro on the Allied Golgotha" published in 1938 where he said that Montenegro was the inheritor of the Serb Empire (in Serbian and in English).

Please also check out our earlier articles about Captain Krsto Zrnov Popovic (in Serbian and English) . In few weeks we'll open The Greens' Special in Serbian and English languages.

05. 02. 2004.

Facsimiles of covers of Serb Grammar published in 1838 by Petar II Petrovic Njegos and Serb Grammar of Princedom of Montenegro published in 1900 added in articles on education in Montenegro (in English and Serbian).

06. 01. 2004.

Montenegro and Serbia as Butterfly Ladies, French postcard art from 1917

13. 12. 2003.

Greeting of the most famous modern Serb poet Matija Beckovic to visitors of Serb Land of Montenegro is on our English and Serbian opening pages

28. 11. 2003.

Forum opened (demo version in this moment)

26. 11. 2003.

Review of Serb Land of Montenegro by first YU web magazine Internet Ogledalo - (in English and scan of page in Serbian)

13. 09. 2003.

National (ethnic) selfexpression as justice, freedom and responsibility - Prof. Dr. Bogoljub Sijakovic (in Serbian)

01. 03. 2003.

Facsimile from Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti (old edition, 1896) added in articles about Prince Nikola's visit to Belgrade on St Vitus Day, 1896 (English and Serbian or just view as a picture)

05. 02. 2003.

Special Peroj UPDATED with Aleksandar Rakovic's photo story

18. 01. 2003.

Serb Patriarch Arsenije III Crnojevic (on main English page)

03. 01. 2003.

Special Peroj Serb village in Istra in the past and present

16. 11. 2002.

Serb patriotic poems of Muslim poet Omer-beg Sulejmanpasic Skopljak as late response on Petar II Petrovic Njegos' letter [letter available in English] to Omer-beg's ancestor Osman-pasha Skopljak (in Serbian)

12. 11. 2002.

The Sacrosanct Nemanjic Dynasty (in English)

31. 10. 2002.

The Monastery of Rezevici (in English)

27. 10. 2002.


26. 10. 2002.

Exclusive electronic edition of very important album dedicated to 50th anniversary of Prince (King) Nikola's Coronation The Royal House Petrovic-Njegos with 34 pictures of The Royal House members. The album was published in Cetinje, 1910 (in Serbian; soon in English)

23. 08. 2002.

Ode to Nemanja by Bishop Vasilije Petrovic Njegos (in English) MORE TEXT AND FACSIMILE ADDED

30. 06. 2002.

The Gusle Player Petar Perunovic by Mirko Dobricanin (in English)

12. 05. 2002.

Serb Land of Montenegro got its WAP site with basic information about Montenegrin history:

06. 05. 2002.

Three sentences from Encyclopedia Americana

03. 05. 2002.

Letter of Captain Krsto Zrnov Popovic to King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic (in English). In 1929 Captain Popovic sent from Belgium the letter to King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic where he begs King to pardon him from responsibility for civil war in Montenegro from December of 1918 until King Nikola's death. In this letter he also proclaimed his loyalty to King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

22. 04. 2002.

Letter of Captain Krsto Zrnov Popovic to King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic (in Serbian).

20. 04. 2002.

Three poems in English dedicated to Montenegro and King Nikola, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Don Marquis, Jeffrey Henning.

16. 04. 2002.

Peroj - Serb Village in Istra by Fran Barbalic (in Croatian). Very famous ethnological work of Austro-Hungarian school inspector of Croatian nationality Fran Barbalic (published in Zagreb, 1933) regarding old Montenegrin colony, the village of Peroj in Istria, settled by Montenegrins in 1657.

13. 04. 2002.

The Song of Freedom by Petar II Petrovic Njegos (in Serbian). Book of poetry written in 1835, published in 1854.

07. 04 2002.

Captain Krsto Zrnov Popovic (in English and Serbian). Updated with facsimile of Captain's passport.

04. 04 2002.

Letter of Montenegrin Bishop Sava Petrovic Njegos to Metropolitane of Moscow, 1776 (in Serbian). In 1766 the Serb Patriarchate of Pec was under pressure of Greek clergy banned by Turks. Therefore, in 1776, in the name of Serb bishops Sava Petrovic wrote to Metropolitan of Moscow and asked Russian Holy Synod and Russian Empress to help the restoration of Serb Patriarchate.

15. 03. - 23. 03 2002. proposes state symbols for Federation of Serbia and Montenegro Please give your opinion. (text and poll in Serbian)

13. 03. 2002.

A Serb gratitudes to the Serbs on honor by Petar II Petrovic Njegos (in Serbian). Poem written in 1833, printed on one paper in Cetinje, 1834. Dedicated to Roman-Catholic Serbs from Kotor, families Lumbardic and Ivanovic.

11. 03. 2002.

"For democratic Montenegro (with Boka Kotorska) in democratic Yugoslavia" [ book I and book II ] by Vasko Kostic (in Serbian)

09. 03. 2002.

King Nikola, Queen Milena, Montenegrin Flag and Coat of Arms on tobaccos: Nebo Cigarettes, Player's Cigarettes and La Favorita Cigarettes - manufactured between 1905 and 1915.

06. 03. 2002.

Postcards issued for the 40th anniversary of Prince Nikola's rule, 1900

01. 03. 2002.

The most famous Montenegrin painter Petar Lubarda (1907-1974) about himself - "Petar Lubarda, born in 1907, Ljubotinj, a Serb" (in Serbian with Lubarda's autograph)

27. 02. 2002.

Hymn to Saint Sava - Anthem of Orthodox Church in Princedom and Kingdom of Montenegro dedicated to all-Serb patron saint Sava Nemanjic (in English) with facsimile of Saint Sava Day poster for celebration in Cetinje, 1907 and picture of Saint Sava Day celebration in Cetinje, 1906

22. 02. 2002.

Statute of the Church School in Princedom of Montenegro published in book of former rector Milan Kostic, "Schools in Montenegro", Pancevo 1876 (in Serbian)

21. 02. 2002.

Certificate [in color] issued by Church School of Montenegro in 1905 added in article Education in Montenegro (in English and Serbian)

19. 02. 2002.

Poem to Saint Sava by King Nikola Petrovic Njegos (in Serbian) with facsimile of Saint Sava Day poster for celebration in Cetinje, 1907 and picture of Saint Sava Day celebration in Cetinje, 1906

17. 02. 2002.

Husein-Beg Gradascevic drama written by King Nikola Petrovic Njegos (in Serbian)

16. 02. 2002.

Prince Arvanit drama written by King Nikola Petrovic Njegos (in Serbian)