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60,000-35,000 - The earliest settlements in the territory of present-day Montenegro

107-108 BC - Romans conquer Illyrian territories 6th century - the arrival of the earliest Slavs

970 - Jovan Vladimir becomes king of Zeta

1077 - Mihajlo Vojislavljevic becomes king. Pope founds the Bishopric of Bar

1186 - Stevan Nemanja becomes the lord of Zeta

1190 - Written Miroslav's Gospel

1252 - The monastery of Moraca erected

1366 - Balsic family ceases to recognize the rule of Tsar Uros

1421 - Zeta becomes part of the Despotize

1440 - Stefan Crnojevic becomes an independent lord

1471 - Ivan Crnojevic recognizes Turkish suzerainty

1482 - Cetinje becomes the capital of the Crnojevic house

1490 - Djuradj Crnojevic ascends the Montenegrin throne

1494 - Printing office opens in Cetinje, the first with the Southern Slavs

1496 - Montenegro loses independence

1513 - Montenegro becomes a sanjak (administrative unit) of the Ottoman Empire, administered by Skenderbeg (Stanisa) Crnojevic

1523 - The Legal Code (Kanun-nama) is promulgated,

1634 - Turkey stifles the rebellion of the Kuc and Piper clans

1712 - Ahemd-pasha mounts a punitive expedition; plunders the Cetinje Monastery

1714 - Numan-pasha Cuprilic mounts a punitive expedition

1785 - Mahmud-pasha Bushatli mounts a punitive expedition

1796 - July 11, Montenegrins defeat the Turkish army in the Martinovics September 22, Montenegrins defeat the Turkish army in the Kruses, Mahmud-pasha Bushatli is killed

1883 - P.P. Njegos is invested metropolitan in St. Petersburg

1847 - Gorski Vijenac (The Mountain Wreath) by P.P. Njegos is published

1855 - Prince Danilo promulgates his Legal Code

1858 - Montenegrins and Herzegovinians defeat the Turks at Grahovo

1876 - Montenegrins and Herzegovinians defeat the Turks at Fundina and Vucji Do

1905 - Montenegrin Constitution is promulgated

1910 - Montenegro becomes a kingdom

1912 - Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, etc, are liberated

1913 - February, the siege of Skadar

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